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General English


About General English

What stands behind this term is not a specific kind of English but an idea of training all essential language skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking rather than just focusing on specific vocabulary. It is ideal for beginners and

pre-intermediate level students who lack confidence in using English grammar and vocabulary, and would like to trainer further in Business, Legal or Academic English. 

What options do I have?

English Course

(All levels)  

A coursebook-based English language course aiming at helping you become a confident English speaker and develop basic language skills of listening, speaking, writing and speaking. You are free to decide how many lessons per week you'd like to have based on your schedule and my availaibilty; however, I recommend at least two hours per week for beginners and pre-interemediate level students (A1-B1 levels) for at least three to six months to see tangible results.  


The coursebook

English File by Oxford University Press - by far the best English language textbook for adults (you can find it on Amazon by clicking on the title).

Comprising 12 units and plenty of interactive materials, this  

e-book guarantees really comprehensive language training course. 


(B1+ level students)

A topic-based personalised classes with elements of grammar and pronunciation tailored to your particular needs and interests. 


My own lesson materials as well as self-reference study books by Cambridge University Press English Vocabulary in Use and English Grammar in Use and various online resources (TV reports, interviews, articles).

Here are some vocabulary building blocks I usually cover with my students:

  • talking about yourself and your family

  • talking about a place where you live 

  • talking about your education 

  • talking about your work

  • describing people and places

  • asking and answering questions

  • requesting in spoken and written English

  • asking for permission in spoken and written English

  • polite expressions in a broader context of cultural differences

  • collocations or natural word partners

  • Italian – English false friends

  • English loanwords in Italian

  • phrasal verbs in every day English 

  • modal verbs and why they are important in English

  • pronunciation of the most complicated English sounds

  • the schwa sound and vowel reduction as the key constituent of the British English accent

  • 'ed' ending and 's' pronunciation 


'Can I just study Business English?'


Business English traning makes sense only when you've acquired at least B1 level. Given the nature of Business English course, which focuses primarilly on figurative expressions, it proves extremely difficult for people with a very little knowledge of English. So you if you're a complete beginner, you won't benefit from studying Business English: the answer is no, you cannot. 

What is my English level? 

Please make sure you take a test using the link below before our first lesson. 

Check your English level

If you're interested in improving your General English skills,  you can Book a Lesson




If you have any doubts, don't be shy, and just drop me a line using my contact form below. 


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