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Business English


About Business English

It's a term used for language training focusing on work related vocabulary with a particular emphasis on business expressions, functional use of grammar and pronunciation for greater intelligibility. Business English is not a dialect of English but a vocabulary 'tool box', so to speak, students can use on a day-to-day basis at work. 


Who is Business English for?

In my experience, studying Business English is effective only when you have already acquired at least B1 Level proficiency in English. Since this kind of training is all about idiomatic expressions and specific business related terms, it usually proves way too complicated for total beginners and I do not recommend it to my elementary level students. 

How are we going to study?

Topic-based, personalised one-to-one or group classes aimed at introducing Business English vocabulary for the following topics: 


  • meetings

  • phone calls 

  • presentations

  • emails

  • business proposals 

  • formal vs informal register 

  • talking about your work 

  • talking about your company

  • travelling for work 

  • e-commerce and social media 

  • buying and selling 

  • money

  • networking 

  • business culture in English speaking countries 


I utilise my own lesson materials I have devised over the years as well as a series of self-reference study books Business English in Use by Cambridge University Press.

We will use various online resources such as TV reports, interviews and articles and we will discuss them at large to encourage you to use English to debate real-life business issues. 

If you're interested in improving your Business English skills, you can Book a Lesson




If you have any doubts, don't be shy and just drop me a line using my contact form below. 


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